Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Korfball clinic in Maglaj November 2005

On the weekend of 11th to 13th November two Belgians, Daniël De Rudder and Bjorn Elewaut ran a clinic for refereeing and coaching in Maglaj.

16 student players attended the clinics. The new IKF korfball rules were presented by IKF referee Bjorn Elewaut. Daniël De Rudder, a well known coach who led the Belgian and Polish national teams in the past, was responsible for the coaching part.

Aswell as helping to develop the club in Maglaj, following on from the courses, another aim is to start up new clubs in Sarajevo, Tuzla, and Belgrade, in order to further develop korfball in the region and make the game accessible to many more people.

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mirela said...

In Maglaj was held a course a korfball by our friends from Belgium, Daniel De Rudder and Bjorn Elewaut, and bz this way I would like to say THANKS for everything they made for us! Also sepacial thanks goes to Korfball Federation of Belgium who allowed them to arrive in Maglaj, and also thanks goes to Szilvia Papp, Develope Officer for BiH in front of IKF!
Honestly we hope in the future we would make more thing like this one was, especially because it would help us to promote korfball in BiH, and counties next to us!
Best regards to all, and we hope that example of our Belgian friends would show you our interests into korfball!