Monday, August 08, 2005

Plans for the Future

On the weekend of 06-07.08.2005 we were visited by Szilvia Papp from Hungary who is our International Korfball Federation representative. We spoke with her about our plans for the near future. We have a lot of ideas on ways to go forward and will try to do as much as possible to make them a reality. One plan we have is to organise a 'School of Korfball'. Also, next year we will be organising the 3rd International Korfball Tournament in Maglaj and it will be something spectacular because we plan to have about 10 teams here. With the support of the other teams that we are already co-operating with, we hope that the tournament will be a big success.

Recently we have also been in contact with Bojan from Belgrade, Serbia, and he is very interested in forming a korfball team in Belgrade. He said that he needs to get to know the rules of the game in order to start a club there and we have offered to help him with that. He may come to join one of our training sessions in Maglaj to see what korfball is and to try to play it. This would be a great thing because Belgrade is not so far from here and we could start to play regular games between each other, perhaps once a month. We are also trying to form a team in Sarajevo this year which will mean that together with the team from Belgrade we will have three teams in this area. So we can say that step by step Korfball is developing in this part of Europe. Also, Bojan told us that he has a lot support from the media - he has a lot of friends who are working as sport journalists, so people in Serbia will get to know about korfball very soon.


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